Committed to the mission of the College and its success

The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for Prescott College. As such, the Board, in consultation with the President, carries out all lawful functions that are permitted or required by the laws of the State of Arizona, the College bylaws, and the Prescott College Articles of Incorporation. 

Meetings of the Board

The Board meets three times each year. These meetings are normally held in Prescott, AZ on the campus of Prescott College. From time to time, the Board will meet in other locations and may conduct additional meetings, retreats, or other activities necessary to advance the work of the Board and mission of the College.  Meeting Minutes are available to Prescott College community members via our MyPrescott portal.

Members of the Board

The Board of Trustees consists of individuals from around the United States committed to the mission of the College and its success. Current members of the Board are:

Trustee Role Occupation Affiliation
Lynne Nemeth Chair Executive Director of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum Alumna
Jesse Hernreich Vice-Chair Real Estate Executive Alumna
Julie Munro Secretary Adventure Education Faculty Faculty Trustee
Mike Zimber Treasurer Businessman Alumnus
James P. Walsh   Attorney at Law (Retired) Friend
Roxann Gallagher Counsel Attorney at Law Friend
Geoff Barnard   President, Grand Canyon Trust (Retired) Friend
Megan Bloomer, Ph.D.   Vice President of Sustainability & CSR, The Cheesecake Factory Alumna
Lee Caldwell   Attorney at Law (Retired) Alumna
Cristina Eisenberg, Ph.D.   Scientist Alumna
Coral Evans   Northern Arizona Director, Senator Mark Kelly Ph.D. Student
Ellen Heffernan   Partner, Spelman Johnson Friend
Claudia Kline   Student, On Campus Undergraduate Program Student Trustee
Tammy McLeod, Ph.D.   President and CEO, Flinn Foundation Alumna
Peyton Michelle   Student, Limited Residency Undergraduate Program Student Trustee
Kacey Miller   Staff Staff Trustee
Kathleen Murphy   Executive Director, Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters (Retired) Friend
Katrina Rogers, Ph.D.   Educator Friend
Mark Thorkelson   Farmer Alumnus
Annette Tracy   Educator Friend

Trustees Emeriti

  • Richard Ach
  • Betsy Bolding    
  • Dan Boyce
  • Anne Dorman
  • Jay Hughes  
  • John Van Domelen   

Presidents Emeriti

  • Dan Garvey
  • Jim Stuckey

For more information on the Prescott College Board of Trustees, or to request access to protected content, please contact: The Office of the President at 928-350-4100 or