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Committed to the mission of the College and its success

The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for Prescott College. As such, the Board, in consultation with the President, carries out all lawful functions that are permitted or required by the laws of the State of Arizona, the College bylaws, and the Prescott College Articles of Incorporation. 

Meetings of the Board

The Board meets three times each year. These meetings are normally held in Prescott, AZ on the campus of Prescott College. From time to time, the Board will meet in other locations and may conduct additional meetings, retreats, or other activities necessary to advance the work of the Board and mission of the College.

Members of the Board

The Board of Trustees consists of individuals from around the United States committed to the mission of the College and its success. Current members of the Board are:

Trustee Residence Occupation Affiliation
Geoff Barnard Flagstaff, AZ President, Grand Canyon Trust (Retired) Friend
Lee Caldwell Santa Fe, NM Retired Environmental Attorney Alum
Sam Campana Scottsdale, AZ Consultant, Desert Discovery Center Friend
Heather Dievendorff Prescott, AZ Academic Operations Manager Staff Trustee
Anne Dorman (Treasurer) San Francisco, CA Certified Public Accountant Alum
Cristina Eisenberg, Ph.D. Concord, MA Chief Scientist, Earthwatch Institute Alum
Roxann Gallagher Scottsdale, AZ Attorney, Sacks Tierney, P.A. Friend
Ed Johnson, Ph.D. (Vice Chair) Phoenix, AZ Consultant Friend
Julie Munro (Secretary) Prescott, AZ Member of the Adventure Education Faculty Faculty Trustee
Nick Panlibuton Prescott, AZ Resident Undergraduate Student Resident Student Trustee
Eric Quiggle Prescott, AZ MS Counseling Student Limited-Residency Student Trustee
Katrina Rogers, Ph.D. Santa Barbara, CA President, Fielding Graduate University Friend
John Van Domelen, Ph.D. Prescott, AZ Retired, President of Wentworth Institute of Technology Friend
James P. Walsh (Chair) Oracle, AZ Attorney (Retired) Friend
Ken Ziesenheim Sebring, FL President, Thronburg Securities (Retired) Friend

For more information on the Prescott College Board of Trustees, or to request access to protected content, please contact: The Office of the President at 928-350-4100 or